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Why we should all be activists

The largest human and environmental crisis in history we are facing today screams for change. But transition faces resistance and requires hard work.

In order to create a world that values connection over competition, we need the activist mindset to become mainstream.

So if you want to be part of change, you too, should be an activist.

This blog is created to empower you with information and inspiration on activism.

Whether you want to demonstrate, donate, debate or do. Whether you want to dedicate your life to it, or spend only 5 minutes a month.

This is not a competition on who becomes the best activist. It’s about finding each other in solidarity and collectively working towards one goal: change.

Why all brands should be activist brands

Why all brands should be activist brands

Hey, everyone, still getting used to the era of millennials? Wake up! It’s almost 2018 and there are some new kids in town. Young people today are maybe more alert than ever to racial or social discrimination and injustice: they are, in short, “woke”. If brands want...

Just Use It: how Nike uses activism

Just Use It: how Nike uses activism

Nike has caused a lot of controversy with a daring advertising campaign. 'Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.’– it’s a message the sports brand would love to mirror on their own image. But Nike does not run any real risks at all. Nike...

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